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heart health.
We know that finding the right resources to help manage your health can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. We’ve put together some heart healthy options for you to take your health into your own hands.

Option 1:
Set a BP Goal With A Health Care Professional

Connect with your health care professional to schedule an appointment, whether in-person or virtually (ask if phone or video calls are an option). These resources can help you prepare.

Understanding Your BP Numbers
Health Care Professional Discussion Guide

Option 2:
Monitor Your Blood Pressure At Home

Once you know your blood pressure goal and numbers, it’s important to keep track at home. These resources can show you how.

Step 1: Get started with this BP Measurement Training to learn the key steps to accurately measuring your blood pressure at home.

Step 2: DOWNLOAD Measuring BP Accurately

Step 3: DOWNLOAD Tracking Your BP Numbers

Option 3: Activate Your Wellness Plan

Create a wellness plan
These healthy cooking, physical activity, and meditation resources can help you get started.

How Salt Affects Your Heart Health
Hassle Free Prep
Stop Stress in Its Tracks
5 Tips for Active Living

Practice Mindfulness
Guided Meditations and Sleepcast by Headspace
Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness
Wake Up Vid
Wind Down Vid

Option 4:
Make Self-Care A Group Thang!

Stay connected and motivated by checking in with your squad regularly. Get creative during COVID – use phone calls, video chat, or email – whatever works to help you achieve goals and stick with your heart wellness plans.

Don’t forget to join the movement and take the pledge to make self-care that’s good for the heart a priority!

For Health Care Professionals

Learn more about supporting patients on their heart health journey and how your team can be involved in the campaign.

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